I Have a Secret...

I know what The Animator's Wife is making everyone for Christmas! Wanna know what it is? Well I might tell you. For a price.

I shall require all the catnip in China in order to let the secret of The Animator's Wife's Christmas gifts "accidentally" slip!

...Or you can just head over to the Holiday KAL-CAL hosted by Yarn Thing and She-Knits and see for yourself. The Animator's Wife will be posting there incognito, under the name Selena K (hmm, wonder who she named herself after?).

And while you're at it, why not join in the fun? I heard there are going to be prizes given out throughout the season. Come on--you were going to make the gifts anyway. Why not join and have the chance to win a gift for yourself?


  1. Hum...I think I might have to join that Kal-Cal. Sounds like fun!

    What a brilliant idea those two had...somebody should be posting this on all the message boards out there.



  2. Hmm. Can I do my Ravelry scarf THEN joing the KAL (THINKS - MIGHT IT BE COMPLICATED??!?!?!?!) OK I'll go and check it out.......

    Sheesh the things we do to keep kittens happy......

  3. Your kitty hook holder is adorable! I'll probably see you at the CAL. And you've also been tagged at sheneverquits.blogspot.com.