More Gifts from Distant Lands

The Animator’s Wife got yet another package from a swap partner in the mail today. This time it was from jessicaknits, for the Ravelry Summer Camp Swap 2007. She sent some hand-dyed sock yarn, a book of 16 crocheted sock patterns, some hand lotion, and an apple cake mix with caramel topping.

Jessica's Gift 1Jessica's Gift 2

Yes, that’s quite lovely, and The Animator’s Wife seemed very excited about getting started on her first pair of crocheted socks, but this is what interested Osiris and me:

Jessica's Gift 3

She also sent some toys for us! Osiris called dibs on the sisal mouse right away, so I claimed the ribbon-y ping-pong ball as my own.

Jessica's Gift 4

But I quickly learned that for all his (almost) 7 years, Osiris has yet to learn how to share.

Jessica's Gift 5

Come on, Ozzy--The Animator’s Wife gave it to me!


  1. Oh wow, what a lovely surprise for you all! How wonderful! I'm taking part in my first scarf exchange on Ravelry soon (can't knit much but am investing in 'tres tasty' Sea Silk yarn to make up for a simple pattern LOL).

    Nice mice!! Lovely, lovely ball. I'm glad Dash Kitten can't see it he Adores them.

  2. My kitties don't share either. Even after 16 years...