Meet My Minions

It began as a Crochet Kitten holding a crochet hook. Then that kitten gave birth to the Austrian Häkelnadelhalter-Katze. And now... Well now they continue to multiply. I woke up this morning to find a litter of five nestled in the crochet trunk in the living room.

Zodiac Kittens

None have completely developed yet, but already they each have a unique quality about them. And there are more coming. The extra skeins of Lily® Sugar’n Cream® I found with them are a promise of that. How many more will there be? It’s hard to say. Perhaps they will take over the world someday. And on that day they shall make me, the original Crochet Kitten, their leader. Ah-haha-haha!

They’re coming...

What’s that? Oh, Osiris just said there is a delightful sparrow on our balcony, so I have to run for now.

But remember, you heard it here first. They’re coming.