From Distant Lands

Today was an exciting day for The Dog We Don’t Like to Mention. He has it in his head for some reason that his job in the household is to announce all visitors. Well today, we got not one, but two strangers at the door: the FedEx guy and the mail carrier. Each was delivering a mysterious package to The Animator’s Wife.

The first was from a place called New York. Osiris traveled through there when he first moved here with The Animator’s Wife six years ago. He says it is very far north from here--the kind of “far” that would require a long car ride to find. Considering my last car-riding experience, I do not think I will be traveling there soon.

Anyway, that package was a scarf from the i love to crochet club’s scarf swap. The Animator’s Wife loved it. She kept talking about how long and luxurious it was.

Dana's Scarf

The second package was from a place called California. Osiris says he doesn’t know anything about California, but I suspect it must also be very far from here. My uncle James was talking about going there with The Animator’s Wife next year, and she said she would have to get a pet-sitter for us if they do. She only gets a pet-sitter when she and The Animator go on long trips, so it must be very far indeed.

That package contained gifts from Vik for the Crochetville swaps. She made her two Christmas ornaments, a lovely purple shawl...

Vik's OrnamentsVik's Shawl

...and Osiris’s favorite, a beaded bookmark.

Vik's Bookmark

He actually tried to steal it from The Animator’s Wife and say it was really made for him, but she snatched it right back from him, telling him that not everything is a cat toy. Sorry, Osiris.