You Know You Want It...

...and now it can be yours! Presenting the Crocheter’s Messenger, crafted by The Animator’s Wife herself, and soon to be auctioned in the 2007 Crochetville Auction!

Crocheter's Messenger

This bag is perfect for toting around small projects and keeping you organized. Features include an inner pocket for patterns, an outer pocket for accessories, a hook holder...

Crocheter's Messenger Accessories

...and 3 eyelets to feed yarn through while crocheting!

Crocheter's Messenger Yarn

Finished Size: 12" wide x 10" high x 4" deep
Yarn: Bernat® Soft BouclĂ©
Lining: Pink Linen

Accessories Included:
6 handmade stitch markers
1 pair beaded scissors
Tape measure
2 yarn needles's "Confessions of a Crochet Kitten" journal

Not included: Hooks and yarn. Shown for display purposes only.

Estimated Value: $75
Starting Bid: $30

Place your bids here! The auction starts Monday, July 30th, at 9am. Good luck!