WIP It Out Week

Last week I mentioned that The Animator’s Wife was going crazy with WIPs. Well I am happy to report that this week she has managed to finish no less than four of them!

Why all the WIP craziness? Because in a flash of heightened crochet ambition about a month or so ago, The Animator’s Wife joined not one, not two, but three crochet swaps, all at the same time! The original deadline for all of them was this weekend, and somehow she managed to finish all her swap projects and get them in the mail today.

The first package went to Vik in Argentina. In a serendipitous coincidence, The Animator’s Wife was paired with her for two out of three of the swaps she joined: Crochetville’s accessories swap, in which two accessories were required to be made, and Crochetville’s Christmas ornament swap. Since both swaps were due at the same time, The Animator’s Wife was able to get away with sending only one package. Here’s what Vik will be getting:

Viktoria PurseMerry Molly

The second package went to Las Vegas, for a secret scarf exchange through the I Love to Crochet Club. I won’t tell you who it’s for yet, since it’s supposed to be a surprise, but here’s what her partner will be getting:

La Souris Scarf

Note the pom-poms? That's my favorite part. I ought to ask The Animator's Wife to make some just for me--I bet they'd make great kitty toys!