She Crocheted What?

I had been starting to suspect, but now I am absolutely sure of this: The Animator’s Wife has gone into crochet overload. If I haven’t posted about many of her projects lately, it’s because she’s been going crazy with WIPs! There have been so many I can never decide which I want to share next.

Then she came home with a box of shoes from Payless the other day, and I knew this project was going to take the cake. Yes, the pull of the yarn around her fingers has finally affected the circulation to her brain. She’s gone and crocheted herself a pair of flip flops.

Old Town Flip Flops

They’re actually kind of cute, and they didn’t take long for her to make at all. I watched her admiring them with a look of satisfaction on her face, and I couldn’t help wondering what she was planning on making next. That’s when she turned and looked at me with a sly gleam in her eye.

The next thing I knew she had snapped off my breakaway collar and was going at it with her hook and crochet thread. Apparently, she had decided I should have a collar to match.

Ms K's Kitty Collar

Okay, matching mother-daughter outfits may be cute, but matching mother-cat outfits are just plain odd.

Oh well. I suppose since I am the Crochet Kitten, I ought to have a crochet collar, right?

*Patterns will be available on in September!