Going to the Vet

Today was the most awful, horrific, terrible day. Today I went to the vet. I hate going to the vet.

In truth, it’s not the vet I hate so much as the trip to see her. I tend to get extremely sick in the car, and today was no exception. We had been driving for about twenty minutes when traffic slowed us to a stop. As the car sat there idling, I began to feel trapped within the walls of the carrier. The air began to grow thick and warm, and I could feel my stomach roiling. I cried out to The Animator’s Wife, asking her to turn on the air conditioner, but it was too late. I threw up all over the soft pink blanket that lined the carrier.

I was grateful my brother Osiris was with me. He had come along for moral support, and I certainly needed him then. He immediately began to lick my head and nuzzle my nose in an attempt to calm me. As he worked, the air conditioner finally kicked in, cooling my nerves, and I began to relax. I was feeling much better by the time we reached the hospital.

The rest of the trip went much more smoothly. I saw Dr. Lefbom, the cardiologist, to have a heart murmur we discovered when I was a kitten re-evaluated. Luckily, Dr. Lefbom said that the murmur hasn’t gotten any worse and my heart is just as healthy as it has ever been. And based on today’s exam, she doesn’t think it’s likely that it will ever get worse, but she would like to continue checking it yearly just to make sure.

Then just when I thought I was home free, for some reason The Animator’s Wife started talking about my beautiful eyes and how they seemed to “glow” more than my brother’s did. Of course they glow--I'm a cat! Everyone knows cats’ eyes glow in the dark; that’s why we were persecuted as demons in the Middle Ages. Well somehow that set off a conversation about how hyper-reflective eyes can indicate retinal degeneration, and the next thing I knew I was in a dark room with Dr. Beale, the ophthalmologist, staring into a bright light to have my retinas evaluated.

Sparkle Eyes

As you might have guessed, my retinas are fine. Apparently they just don’t have any pigment whatsoever. That, combined with my unusually thin irises, is why my eyes look especially shimmery in the light.

So I guess it wasn’t as bad a day as I had originally thought it was going to be. The best part was finding out that I didn’t need to be seen again for a whole year. And when it was time to go home, since I ruined the pink blanket I had brought with me, they gave me a new blanket to take home. Can you believe it? It was a granny-ghan, donated by some kind benefactor.

Granny Blanket

Now how did they know we liked to crochet?