Alone Again

The man who found Sixty Six came and picked him up last week, so once again it’s just Osiris and me. (And Vinnie, the dog, but we don’t like to talk about him.) Sixty Six was fun, but it’s so wonderful to have The Animator’s Wife to myself again. Life is back to backrubs, comfy laps, and no kittens to interrupt us. Well that’s my feeling, anyway. I think Osiris had a bit harder time adjusting back to our “duo” status.

You see, the morning after Sixty Six left for his new home, I found The Animator’s Wife pouring a mountain of kitty kibble into our food bowls. This is always a bad sign, as she and The Animator always disappear for a few days after doing so. Sure enough, Osiris and I were on our own the rest of the weekend.

In the past, we have always been perfectly capable of entertaining ourselves in such a situation. I’ll make myself comfortable on top of the gerbil cage (can’t do that with The Animator’s Wife home) while Osiris plots how he’s going to get to the bird’s nest that sits outside the kitchen window. But this weekend was different. There was no Sixty Six to teach mischievous shenanigans, no Animator to pester while he’s working, no Animator’s Wife to help crochet. There wasn’t even any dog to ignore, since he went to stay with Little Sunshine’s Mom for the weekend! I tried to play with him, but I think he was still getting over saying good-bye to Sixty Six.

Personally, I was grateful for the alone time after the past few weeks of random kittens in our home. It was starting to feel quite crowded! But I was still glad to see The Animator and his wife return. Osiris was elated! It was the first time I’ve ever seen him refuse to let The Animator’s Wife work on her crochet. He sat right down on top of her WIP and wouldn’t budge until she gave him a proper hello.

Viktoria Purse & Osiris