Yarn, Yarn, and More Yarn

I have been seeing more and more yarn coming home with The Animator’s wife this week. It’s becoming a regular yarn paradise! First, it was Lion Brand Wool-Ease for the sock monkey:

Sock Monkey

Then it was some lovely merino wool:

Sixty Six and Yarn 1

And now she’s brought home Caron Simply Soft in four different colors and started a scarf!

Sixty Six and La Souris Scarf

That may not seem like much to some, but The Animator’s Wife has never been one to keep a lot of yarn on hand. I think she’s on to the fact that Osiris and I get into it when she’s not around. I told him not to strew it around the living room, but does he listen to me? And now he’s teaching Sixty Six to do the same! He went nuts over the Simply Soft today, which was fine until he got tangled in it and started to unravel the scarf. That’s when I had to step in and tell him to knock it off.

Sixty Six Yarn 2

Somehow I doubt The Animator’s Wife is ever going to trust us alone with yarn again.