Good-Bye, My Sweets

Today the Cream & Sugar Twins went to their new home. I am very excited for them, and I know their new mother Mary is going to spoil them rotten, but I must admit, I’m going to miss them. They were just getting to the age when they were becoming fun playmates, and now they have to leave.

Sputnik and I had one last romp together this morning while Mooshu and my mother finished the baby blanket for Heavenly Angels in Need.

Selena K & Sputnik

Mooshu helped lay the squares for the blanket out for assembly.

Mooshu & Heavenly Hearts

The finished blanket won the twins’ approval. It was lined with a fleece backing to give it extra padding--perfect for playing on the floor!

Heavenly Hearts Both

*Sigh.* Good-bye, my sweets. You got on my nerves sometimes (like when you seemed to take all of my mother’s time away from me), but I really did enjoy having you around. Good luck in your new lives.