Get Your Kits on 66

I think it's time to face the fact that as long as I live with The Animator's Wife, it will never be just my brother Osiris and me. The Cream & Sugar Twins have barely been gone a week, and already today we have a new foster kitten in our home.

He's a scraggly little thing. I feel sorry for him, really. He looks like he hasn’t eaten in days, has a notch missing from one ear, a scar on his nose, and a wound on his lip just below the gum line. And he can’t be more than a month old. He’s obviously had a rough life for all his four weeks.

Sixty Six 2

The Animator’s Wife was wondering how someone could possibly spot such a tiny kitten on the side of I66 while going 65 mph in an overgrown pick-up truck. Yes, that’s how the little guy was found. His rescuer even stopped and backed up on the interstate to save him. It’s almost as if the kitten was meant to be with that man.

I’m told he won’t be with us long. His rescuer wants to keep him, but is leaving on a trip in a few days and won’t be able to take him until he gets back. So the kitten, who he named Sixty Six, will only be with us until the end of the month. I suppose Osiris and I can make room for him until then. He is at about the same age as when the Cream & Sugar Twins finally started to become playful and fun. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even enjoy having him around.

Sixty Six