When One Project Ends...

...let another begin! I finally had a chance to finish the broomstick lace scarf I started for my friend Sharon a little over a month ago. I don’t know how I could put it off so long when I only had two rows to go (although I have been rather busy with the kittens lately), but it's done now! I can’t wait to give it to her tomorrow. Here is a photo:

Sharon's Scarf

Now I have some time to help my mom with her baby afghan for Heavenly Angels in Need. She promised them a new crochet pattern for charitable use every other month, and the first one is due by June. It is going to be made from granny squares:

Heavenly Hearts Square

I think it is adorable. And the cotton yarn she’s using feels so good between my paws!

The Cream & Sugar Twins Find a Home!
That’s right! My Aunt Nicole’s friends Mary and Matt happened to mention to her that they were looking for a pet cat. Well, when Aunt Nicole showed them the pictures of our Cream & Sugar Twins, they just fell in love and said they had to have both! They met them for the first time today:

Sputnik & Mary

Mooshu & Matt

Of course, they are only three weeks old right now, so they will have to stay with us a little while longer until they are eating solid food and are litter-trained. But Mary and Matt are so excited that they have already bought them $200 worth of kitty supplies in preparation for their arrival next month. In addition, they have also given them names: the calico is Mooshu, and the cream is Sputnik.