Crochet Kitten Mania!

My mystery amigurumi from last week is done. I’m quite proud of this one. Can you guess what it is?

Crochet Kitten

It’s me--the one and only Selena K, doing what I love best! And this amigurumi doubles as a hook holder for mid-project breaks. Note the right paw?

The pattern is available for download on Crochetville, Etsy, and Ravelry.

Now I have to admit I had some help with this one. My foster siblings Mooshu and Sputnik (the Cream & Sugar Twins) saw me working on it one day and insisted I was making my stitches too loose. They even took it away and frogged it for me so I could start over with a smaller hook. It looks much better now, and the twins took such an interest in the project they decided to try it themselves:

Mooshu Crochets
Sputnik Crochets

Future Crochet Kittens? I think so! They've been fun this week. I'm really going to miss them when they go to live with Mary and Matt.


  1. Whew... Finally found the pattern and a place to post a comment and ask a question.. lol You are one hard lady to get a hold of ;-)

    In the Crochet Kitten Hook Holder pattern, how do you decrease? I have seen many ways to do a SC Decrease. So I am wondering how you did it for this pattern. Thanks so much! :)

  2. I actually did the traditional decrease of 2sctog on this pattern, but in later amigurumis I've done the invisible decrease and thought it looked great. :D

    Sorry for being so hard to get a hold of lately--we've got a baby on the way this year, are in the process of buying a house, and are involved in 2 weddings. Crazy year!