The Crochet Bug

I once read a fascinating article comparing crochet and other cottage industry crafts to viruses. The theory was that any particular craft (the virus) must find a willing individual (the host) to become interested or “infected” with the craft. The craft cannot create itself, so the host is essential for replication. The host must then be able to “spread” or teach the craft to enough new hosts to ensure the craft’s survival.

I have certainly done my part in spreading the Crochet Bug this last week. My friend Capt. Colie was bitten by it a couple of weeks ago when I showed her some examples of amigurumi. How could anyone resist the myriad of creatures created by Beth Doherty on Gourmet Amigurumi? The infection began, and we got together last Wednesday to start crochet lessons.

Imagine my excitement when just two days later Capt. Colie presented me with her first amigurumi--a polar bear she created herself, without a pattern! I couldn’t believe how fast she picked it up. It turned out pretty well, too:

Capt. Colie's Amigurumi

And the infection is continuing to spread, since a friend of hers saw the amigurumi and said he wants to learn to make them now too. It’s becoming a Crochet Epidemic! I’m so proud. ^_^

Update on the Cream & Sugar Twins

They opened their eyes this week, and are almost twice the size as they were when they first came to live with us. They grow up so fast! They are already sleeping through the night. Soon they will be eating solid food, and it will be time to start litter training them and searching for their Forever Homes.

Eyes Open