After four months of planning and building, I am proud to say that my website,, is finally complete. Yay!

The whole project ended up being a little more ambitious than I had originally intended. When the idea to do a crochet website first came to me, I had only planned to post my original designs and maybe talk about what's new in the crochet world. But as I started actually building it, I got so excited I just couldn't stop! Now the website also includes tutorials, a charity project, and even a Caf├ępress shop. I am absolutely exhausted, yet extremely satisfied.

Although, even as I write this, I know that will never really be completely done. There will always be a new pattern or tutorial or link that I will want to post. But in the meantime I can finally get back to the pasttime that inspired this whole project: crocheting! My uncle's been wondering when he's going to get that sweater I promised him back in December... Don't worry Uncle Angel--it'll be done in time for next winter for sure! ;)