Free Crochet Patterns for Children & Babies

Crochet Kitten is a frequent contributor of crochet patterns to Heavenly Angels in Need, a charitable organization that offers support to mothers of premature infants and those who have experienced pregnancy loss. Many of our patterns for infants and children have been featured in their newsletters, and so you'll often see them sized all the way down to preemie sizes.

As a family on a single primary income, we understand how difficult it can be to make the budget stretch to accommodate all of your child's needs, let alone fun extras. That's why any pattern we design exclusively for children and babies will always and forever be offered for free. Below are our current offerings.

Swaddle Me Blankie

Interchangeable Baby Headband

Heavenly Hearts Afghan

Daisy Lace Sun Bonnet

Baby's First Cloche

Three Hour Baby Sweater

Just Like Mommy's Sandals

Owl Greeting Card

Ta-Tas Bear

Bearded Lady Turban

Teething Necklace & Teether

Ruffle Tutu

Rock-a-Star Baby Blankie

A Garden of Fedoras

Angel Wings

A Little Mermaid Skirt

Keiki Top

NEW! Shining Armor*