Finishing Off and Weaving in Ends

Finishing Off and Weaving in Ends

“Finishing off” is simply the process of breaking the yarn from the remaining skein at the end of a work. It is done as follows:

1. Once the last stitch is completed, cut the yarn so that there is a 2-3 inch tail hanging from the work.

2. Yarn-over, and pull this tail completely through the last loop on the crochet hook.

3. Pull the tail to tighten the knot. Finishing is complete.

Next you will want to weave in any tails of yarn that may still be hanging off the work. There are two ways in which to do this:

With a Yarn Needle

1. Thread the tail of the yarn into the yarn needle.

2. Thread the needle down the side of the work.

3. Pull the tail through. Weaving is complete.

With a Crochet Hook

1. Thread the crochet hook through the last few stitches of the last row. Yarn-over the yarn from the tail.

2. Pull the tail through the stitches. Weaving is complete.