Cherry Blossom Halter

And now we are pleased to announce our newest pattern: the Cherry Blossom Corset Halter!

Cherry Blossom Corset Halter

The inspiration for this design comes from the cherry tree in our front yard. The cherry trees in Washington, DC were a gift to the US from Japan, so we wanted to create something with a formal floral, yet Asian feel.

Crocheting with Boning

We're so excited to be announcing a new pattern today! This one has been in the works for a while. But first, we'd like to give a brief introduction to a special technique that's used in the pattern: crocheting over boning.

Boning is the hard, flexible bits that give a garment such as a corset its structure. It's necessary because it keeps the fabric of the corset from buckling when it's tightened around the wearer. We've been wanting to design a crocheted corset for some time, and since we never do anything halfway, we decided it had to be boned.

The crocheting part is easy enough, but the finishing can get a bit tricky, so that's why we wanted to put this tutorial together.